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Figure 3

From: Leaps and lulls in the developmental transcriptome of Dictyostelium discoideum

Figure 3

Early development mRNA abundance reflects cAMP experience and physical contact. The standardized mRNA abundance of genes involved in early development (y-axis) is plotted versus time (hours, x-axis). We grouped the genes based on general functional class or developmental process in which they are involved, as indicated above the panels. Legends above the panels indicate the gene names. For each gene category (A – D), data from the filter experiment are shown in the top panel (i) and data from the suspension experiment in the bottom panel (ii). Within each category, the vertical axis scale is constant to facilitate direct comparisons between filter development and liquid suspension. Between categories, the vertical axis scale varies to accommodate different levels of gene expression. Each data point represents the average of 2–3 independent biological replicates as indicated in Figure 1.

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