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Figure 5

From: Leaps and lulls in the developmental transcriptome of Dictyostelium discoideum

Figure 5

Differential expression of functional modules during development. For the filter development experiment, we analyzed the GO term enrichment for all DE genes in the rapid and gradual k-hop intervals at each time point (see Additional file 1: Figure S5A). (A) Selected terms are illustrated over the 24-hour developmental timeline. Solid blue boxes correspond to up-regulated genes and dashed orange boxes to down-regulated genes. The width of each box indicates the time delta in which the corresponding GO term is enriched. (B) A cartoon of developmental morphogenesis, with micrographs corresponding to (C) 12-hour mounds, (D) 16-hour slugs, and (E) 24-hour fruiting bodies. Micrograph scale bars represent 1 mm.

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