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Table 1 X. dendrorhous ORFs with the highest expression levels and maximum expression fold-changes among the four conditions

From: Codon usage and codon context bias in Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous

ORF RPKM ORF Fold-change
Cytochrome c oxidase family protein 38,981 (S18) MFS polyamine transporter 273 [S72/G72]
Carbohydrate-binding module family 13 protein 34,225 (S72) Glycoside hydrolase family 3 protein 236 [G18/S72]
Hsp10-like protein 26,138 (S18) NAD-dependent formate dehydrogenase 231 [G18/G72]
Lipid droplet-associated perilipin protein 22,038 (G18) DUF895 domain membrane protein 101 [S72/G18]
F-type H -transporting ATPase subunit J 21,800 (S72) Carbohydrate-binding module family 13 protein 98 [G18/S72]
FK506 binding protein 20,367 (S18) Isocitrate lyase 85 [G18/S72]
Probable GRX1-glutaredoxin 16,503 (S18) Transcriptional regulator 83 [G72/G18]
Eukaryotic ADP ATP carrier 16,209 (G18) Hsp10-like protein 82 [G18/S72]
Glucose oxidase 11,505 (S72) MFS general substrate transporter 82 [G18/S72]
D-lactate dehydrogenase oxidoreductase protein 9,983 (G72) NADPH2 dehydrogenase 72 [S72/S18]
  1. ( ): condition in which the highest RPKM value was observed. [ ]: condition in which the highest/lowest RPKM values were observed.