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Table 2 Summary of sequence assembly and function annotation of the C. taliensis transcriptome

From: De novo transcriptome assembly of the wild relative of tea tree (Camellia taliensis) and comparative analysis with tea transcriptome identified putative genes associated with tea quality and stress response

  Number of sequences
Total number of unigenes 67,923
Total bases (Mb) 46.55
Mean unigene length (bp) 685
N50 (bp) 995
Number of unigene ( 500 bp) 30,033
Number of unigene ( 1 kb) 13,799
Protein database searches  
Transcript BLASTx against NR 38,947
Transcript BLASTx against UniRef90 39,111
Transcript BLASTx against TAIR10 33,607
Transcript BLASTx against KOG 22,350
Transcript BLASTx against Pfam 20,748
All annotated transcript 39,475
Transcripts matching all five databases 13,698
Functional classification and pathway mapping  
Transcripts annotated with Gene Ontology (GO) terms 24,988
Transcripts assigned with Enzyme Commission (EC) numbers 8,936
Transcript annotations against KEGG 13,134