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Table 4 Presence or absence of immune related genes in lepidopteral Plodia interpunctella

From: Novel insights into the insect trancriptome response to a natural DNA virus

Gene Pathway Elicited by Present
Dicer RNAi viruses yes
R2D2 RNAi viruses yes
Argonaut RNAi viruses yes
Aubergine RNAi viruses yes
vig RNAi viruses No
Armi RNAi viruses yes
Drosha RNAi viruses yes
PGRP IMD Bacteria yes
IMD IMD Bacteria No
dFADD IMD Bacteria No
Dredd IMD Bacteria No
dTAK IMD Bacteria No
IKKy IMD Bacteria yes
IKKb IMD Bacteria yes
Relish IMD Bacteria yes
Sick IMD Bacteria No
Dnr1 IMD Bacteria No
JNK JNK Bacteria yes
Hep JNK Bacteria Yes
Bsk JNK Bacteria No
Nimrod receptors   No
DSCAM receptors   yes
Hemes receptors   No
GNBP PAMP Bacteria yes
Persephone Toll Fungi, Bacteria No
serine proesases Toll Bacteria Yes
Spatzle Toll Bacteria Yes
Toll Toll Bacteria yes
Pelle Toll Bacteria yes
MyD88 Toll Bacteria yes
Tube Toll Bacteria No
Cactus Toll Bacteria yes
Dorsal Toll Bacteria yes
Dif Toll Bacteria No
prophenoloxidase Toll Bacteria Yes
antimicrobial peptides Toll,IMD/JNK Bacteria yes
Domeless JAK/STAT viruses No
JAK JAK/STAT viruses Yes
STAT JAK/STAT viruses Yes
TEP JAK/STAT viruses Yes
  1. All putative genes can be found at