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Table 3 Top most differentially expressed TF encoding genes detected between embryo developmental time-points

From: Global scale transcriptome analysis of Arabidopsis embryogenesis in vitro

Gene ID Log2 [FC] TF family Gene description
Differentially expressed TFs between SE_5D and SE_10D
AT5G27090 4.82 MADS Protein agamous-like 54
AT3G46070 3.58 C2H2 C2H2-type zinc finger family protein
AT5G52600 3.52 MYB MYB82
AT5G40220 3.28 MADS Protein agamous-like 43
AT1G66420 3.27 GeBP DNA-binding storekeeper protein-related transcriptional regulator
AT1G13260 3.26 RAV AP2/ERF and B3 domain-containing TF
AT2G47190 3.09 MYB R2R3 MYB DNA binding domain TF (MYB2)
AT3G56970 3.01 bHLH ORG2 (BHLH038)
AT5G41570 3.00 WRKY WRKY transcription factor 24
AT5G15150 2.83 Homeobox Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HAT7 (HB-3)
AT3G11110 −5.91 C3H RING-H2 finger protein ATL66
AT4G09960 −4.50 MADS Agamous-like MADS-box protein AGL11
AT1G75250 −4.06 MYB-related Protein RADIALIS-like 6
AT1G25310 −3.79 bHLH Transcription factor MEE8
AT2G27940 −3.73 C3H RING-H2 finger protein ATL57
AT1G19510 −3.65 MYB-related Protein RADIALIS-like 5
AT1G56650 −3.64 MYB Transcription factor MYB75
AT3G06120 −3.23 bHLH Transcription factor MUTE
AT5G46830 −3.22 bHLH Calcium-binding transcription factor NIG1
AT5G53200 −3.21 MYB-related Transcription factor TRY
Differentially expressed TFs between SE_10D and SE_15D
AT2G21900 6.41 WRKY WRKY DNA-binding protein 59
AT5G01900 5.04 WRKY WRKY DNA-binding protein 62
AT2G40750 4.80 WRKY WRKY DNA-binding protein 54
AT5G65790 4.78 MYB MYB domain protein 68
AT1G74080 4.28 MYB MYB domain protein 122
AT1G02230 4.28 NAC NAC domain containing protein 4
AT2G45660 4.27 MADS AGAMOUS-like 20; Involved in controlling flowering
AT5G22570 4.17 WRKY WRKY DNA-binding protein 38
AT5G64810 4.16 WRKY WRKY DNA-binding protein 51
AT1G66600 4.13 WRKY WRKY transcription factor 63; Involved in regulation of plant responses to ABA and drought stress
AT2G34820 −15.05 bHLH Basic helix-loop-helix 53
AT5G39750 −7.70 MADS AGAMOUS-like 81
AT1G24260 −4.41 MADS MADs box transcription factor SEPALLATA3
AT3G50330 −3.80 bHLH HECATE 2
AT5G14010 −3.21 C2H2 Zinc finger protein KNUCKLES; Mediates the repression of WUS in floral meristem determinacy control
AT4G30180 −3.00 bHLH Hypothetical protein
AT4G26150 −3.00 C2C2-Gata Putative GATA transcription factor 22
AT1G25250 −2.83 C2H2 Indeterminate-domain 16
AT4G29030 −2.82 Trihelix Putative membrane lipoprotein