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Table 1 Significance of miRNA enrichment

From: MicroRNAs enrichment in GWAS of complex human phenotypes

Phenotype BPT p-value
BD 2.4e-02§
BMI 1.0e-12*
CD 1.9e-06*
CPD 6.3e-01
HDL 2.2e-20*
Height 3.9e-90*
LDL 2.6e-17*
MS 3.3e-03§
PrCa 1.1e-01
SBP 9.8e-08*
SCZ 4.1e-07*
T2D 9.8e-03§
TG 1.5e-16*
UC 3.2e-06*
WHR 5.8e-06*
  1. Significance of miRNA enrichment in 15 phenotypes. Reported are the binomial proportion test (BPT) p-values for miRNA target regions compared with intergenic SNPs for all phenotypes. CPD and PrCa do not reach nominal statistical significance; BD, MS, and T2D would not pass strict multiple testing criteria for 15 phenotypes – BD, Bipolar Disorder; BMI, Body Mass Index; CD, Crohn's disease; CPD, Cigarettes per Day; HDL, High density lipoprotein; LDL, Low density lipoprotein; MS, multiple sclerosis; PrCa, prostate cancer; SBP, systolic blood pressure; SCZ, Schizophrenia; T2D, Type 2 Diabetes; TG, triglycerides; UC, Ulcerative Colitis; WHR, Waist to Hip Ratio. § Nominally significant (not significant after controlling for multiple testing); * Significant.