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Table 5 Highly polymorphic loci in Cryptosporidium hominis genomes

From: Comparative genomic analysis reveals occurrence of genetic recombination in virulent Cryptosporidium hominis subtypes and telomeric gene duplications in Cryptosporidium parvum

Locus Contig in 30976 SNP/kb (30976 vs Tu502) Gene in C. hominis* Ortholog in C. parvum* Annotation
chr1_var1 contig_5 5.0 Chro.10024 cgd1_150 Hypothetical protein with a signal peptide
chr1_var2 contig_5 9.0 Chro.10427 cgd1_3810 Conserved hypothetical protein with a signal peptide
chr2_var1 contig_32 9.5 Chro.20050-52 cgd2_430-450 Mucin glycoprotein with a signal peptide
chr2_var2 contig_20 5.0 Intergenic downstream of Chro.20394 Intergenic downstream of cgd2_3690 WD repeat protein (cgd2_3690)
chr3_var1 contig_59 5.0 Intergenic downstream of Chro.30096 Within cgd3_720 Very large mucin with a signal peptide
chr3_var2 contig_31 6.5 Chro.30315 cgd3_2770 Hypothetical conserved protein
chr3_var3 contig_293 + contig_255 7.0 Chro.30479 cgd3_4260 Insulinase-like protease
chr6_var1 contig_3 9.0 Chro.60606 cgd6_5270 Hypothetical protein with a signal peptide
chr8_var1 contig_11 5.5 Chro.80070 cgd8_550 Large uncharacterized protein
chr8_var2 contig_2 6.0 Chro.80189 cgd8_1610 Sacsin-like HSP90 chaperone domain
  1. *Additional polymorphic genes identified by comparative analysis of other isolates with C. hominis TU502: Chro.60016 (ortholog of cgd6_60), and Chro.60138 (ortholog of cgd6_1080).