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Table 2 T. reesei strains used and produced in this study

From: Genome sequencing of the Trichoderma reesei QM9136 mutant identifies a truncation of the transcriptional regulator XYR1 as the cause for its cellulase-negative phenotype

Strain Strain number Parental strain Genotype Reference
QM9414 ATCC26921 QM6a - [52]
QM9414 Δtku70 - QM9414 Δku70::ptrA this study
GFP - QM6a Ptef1::gfp [19]
Δxyr1 - QM9414 Δxyr1::hph [12]
GFP-XYR1 TRAL002 QM9414 Δtku70 Δku70::ptrAxyr1::hph; Pxyr1::gfp-xyr1::Txyr1 [19]
GFP-XYR11–780 TRAL007 QM9414 Δtku70 Δku70::ptrAxyr1::hph; Pxyr1::gfp-xyr1 ∆A2294::Txyr1 this study
GFP-XYR1 TRAL008 QM9136 Δxyr1 ∆A2294::hph; Pxyr1::gfp-xyr1::Txyr1 this study