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Table 2 Genes involved in perception and early signal transduction with a differential expression (log 2 ) in TAG5 and ZG14 following challenge with C. austroafricana

From: Transcriptome and hormone profiling reveals Eucalyptus grandis defence responses against Chrysoporthe austroafricana

TAIR ID Euc ID Description Abbreviation TAG 5 ZG14
Cell wall  
AT1G48100.1 Eucgr.H04092 Pectin lyase-like superfamily protein   3.33 N/A
AT1G60590.1 Eucgr.B03312 Pectin lyase-like superfamily protein   2.74 N/A
AT3G61490.3 Eucgr.E00105 Pectin lyase-like superfamily protein   2.67 1.25
AT5G04310.1 Eucgr.B03017 Pectin lyase-like superfamily protein   0.88 N/A
AT2G45220.1 Eucgr.E01463 Pectin methylesterase inhibitor PMEI 6.18 2.57
AT4G32410.1 Eucgr.C01769 Cellulose synthase 1 CESA1 −0.95 −0.74
AT5G44030.1 Eucgr.A01324 Cellulose synthase 4 CESA4/ IRX5 −2.79 N/A
AT5G47910.1 Eucgr.J01662 Respiratory burst oxidase homologue D ATRBOHD 2.16 1.74
AT1G64060.1 Eucgr.E00785 Respiratory burst oxidase protein F ATRBOHF 1.75 1.24
AT2G31570.1 Eucgr.A00055 Glutathione peroxidase 2 ATGPX2, GPX2 0.72 N/A
AT1G71695.1 Eucgr.F04198 Peroxidase superfamily protein   2.85 1.76
AT2G37940.1 Eucgr.K03013 Arabidopsis Inositol phosphorylceramide synthase 2 AtIPCS2 0.82 N/A
AT1G21270.1 Eucgr.F01829 Wall-associated kinase 2 WAK2 −1.45 N/A
AT4G23650.1 Eucgr.E00806 Calcium-dependent protein kinase 6 CDPK6, CPK3 0.79 N/A
AT5G23950.1 Eucgr.A02756 Calcium-dependent lipid-binding (CaLB domain)   −0.83 N/A
AT1G18210.2 Eucgr.F00233 Calcium-binding EF-hand family protein   −1.34 −1.89
AT1G70810.1 Eucgr.G02165 Calcium-dependent lipid-binding (CaLB domain)   −1.54 −1.30
AT1G24620.1 Eucgr.F04374 EF hand calcium-binding protein family   N/A −1.52
AT4G13440.1 Eucgr.H02910 Calcium-binding EF-hand family protein   N/A −3.85
AT4G33000.2 Eucgr.F03125 Calcineurin B-like protein 10 CBL10 −1.13 −0.66
AT1G66400.1 Eucgr.F02840 Calmodulin like 23 CML23 N/A 1.10
AT5G42380.1 Eucgr.F03632 Calmodulin like 37 CML37 N/A 1.10
AT3G45640.1 Eucgr.J00966 Mitogen-activated protein kinase 3 MPK3 N/A 1.01
AT1G73500.1 Eucgr.H00554 MAP kinase kinase 9 ATMKK9,MKK9 N/A −0.86
  1. Absence of candidates expression is indicated by N/A.