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Table 3 Paired N-acylhomoserine lactone (AHL) synthase-regulator in Burkholderia gladioli , B. glumae , and B. plantarii

From: Comparative genome analysis of rice-pathogenic Burkholderia provides insight into capacity to adapt to different environments and hosts

Strain Synthase Regulator (Putative a ) Regulation class
B. gladioli BSR3 bgla_2g11050 bgla_2g11070 Toxoflavine synthesis I
bgla_1p1740 bgla_1p1760 (Putative) Polyketide synthesis II
B. glumae BGR1 bglu_2g14490 bglu_2g14470 Toxoflavine synthesis I
B. plantarii ATCC 43733T bpln_2g10770 bpln_2g10790 (Putative) Urea/amino acid regulation I
bpln_1g07720 bpln_1g07790 Tropolon synthesis III
bpln_2g04430 bpln_2g04440 (Putative) Thiopurine/polymyxin IV
B. glumae PG1 AJK49063.1 AJK49065.1 (Putative) Urea/amino acid regulation I
AJK45325.1 AJK45332.1 Tropolon synthesis III
AJK48489.1 AJK48490.1 (Putative) Thiopurine/polymyxin IV
B. gladioli 3848 s-5 bgla3848_2451lmp bgla3848_2453l   I
B. gladioli NBRC ND ND   
B. gladioli UCD WP_036034986.1 WP_025097948.1   I
B. glumae 3252-8 bglu3252_0759lmp bglu3252_0761l   I
B. glumae LMG 2196 BGLMG_03131 not predicted   I
B. glumae 336gr WP_015877501.1 WP_015877499.1   I
B. glumae NCPPB NCPPB3923_RS01185 NCPPB3923_RS01195   I
B. glumae AU6208 BGAU_02315 BGAU_02313   I
  1. aPutative regulation is based on the location of synthase and regulator genes in the operon.