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Table 2 The proportion of each theoretically possible genotype in the monomorphic SNP loci

From: A bi-filtering method for processing single nucleotide polymorphism array data improves the quality of genetic map and accuracy of quantitative trait locus mapping in doubled haploid populations of polyploid Brassica napus

Genotype Probe Percentage of parental and non-parental genotype a PNPG c
   AA AB BB NC  
AA 1317 0.998 b 8.91E-05 9.76E-05 1.42E-03 1.60E-03
AB 16 3.49E-04 0.988 1.05E-03 1.01E-02 1.15E-02
BB 1441 1.51E-04 1.24E-04 0.998 1.83E-03 2.10E-03
NC 574 9.73E-06 9.73E-06 9.73E-06 1.000 2.92E-05
Total 3348      1.60E-03
  1. aPercentages of parental and non-parental genotype are calculated as: number of each detected genotype/(179 analyzed DH lines × probe number for each genotype).
  2. bPercentages of parental genotypes were bolted.
  3. cPercentage of non-parental genotype.