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Table 1 Top 20 regulated protein coding genes in the RFP fraction

From: Ribosome profiling reveals translation control as a key mechanism generating differential gene expression in Trypanosoma cruzi

Annotation Feature ID log2FC(MT/E) FDR
hypothetical protein TcCLB.510323.60 11.93 5.55E-37
trans-sialidase putative TcCLB.435601.10 11.10 3.43E-27
hypothetical protein conserved TcCLB.506859.230 10.79 1.04E-32
hypothetical protein TcCLB.509007.50 10.47 2.09E-32
receptor-type adenylate cyclase putative TcCLB.428999.20 10.43 4.90E-09
trans-sialidase Group II putative TcCLB.511585.230 10.42 1.04E-32
mucin-associated surface protein MASP putative TcCLB.507957.320 10.38 1.05E-13
hypothetical protein TcCLB.509433.10 10.02 3.30E-29
cyclin putative TcCLB.509455.140 10.01 1.05E-25
DNA polymerase delta subunit 2 putative TcCLB.509455.70 9.88 1.46E-29
hypothetical protein TcCLB.507859.46 9.62 2.14E-08
hypothetical protein conserved TcCLB.511545.170 9.61 1.75E-28
mucin-associated surface protein MASP putative TcCLB.506599.100 9.58 2.06E-25
engulfment and cell motility domain 2 putative TcCLB.509599.164 9.55 4.42E-11
hypothetical protein conserved TcCLB.509769.20 9.26 9.15E-27
trans-sialidase putative TcCLB.505363.19 9.13 9.80E-20
ATP-dependent DEAD/H RNA helicase putative TcCLB.506777.10 9.07 2.26E-06
amino acid permease putative TcCLB.509167.40 8.94 1.03E-25
protein kinase putative casein kinase I putative TcCLB.510247.20 8.88 2.78E-23
phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase catalytic subunit putative TcCLB.511709.19 8.86 1.63E-25
Annotation Feature ID log2FC(MT/E) FDR
40S ribosomal protein S33 putative TcCLB.506413.30 NA 4.72E-09
hypothetical protein conserved TcCLB.506659.35 NA 8.80E-06
hypothetical protein conserved TcCLB.508207.54 NA 4.59E-03
hypothetical protein conserved TcCLB.509599.120 NA 7.19E-04
hypothetical protein conserved TcCLB.511527.82 NA 2.25E-02
anti-silencing protein ASF 1 putative TcCLB.511417.100 NA 2.15E-03
hypothetical protein conserved TcCLB.510515.120 NA 1.34E-02
hypothetical protein conserved TcCLB.507611.50 NA 5.81E-03
hypothetical protein conserved TcCLB.511529.50 NA 1.44E-03
RNA polymerase I TcCLB.504041.4 NA 5.55E-03
hypothetical protein TcCLB.504449.40 NA 1.16E-02
hypothetical protein TcCLB.508277.310 NA 3.51E-02
hypothetical protein conserved TcCLB.507631.10 NA 4.28E-02
60S ribosomal protein L37a putative TcCLB.511145.46 −7.37 1.26E-04
kinetoplast-associated protein 3 KAP3 TcCLB.511529.80 −7.36 1.20E-12
nucleoside phosphorylase putative TcCLB.506865.2 −7.10 2.16E-12
hypothetical protein conserved TcCLB.511189.84 −6.86 2.50E-05
MP44 putative TcCLB.506925.390 −6.85 1.55E-04
hypothetical protein conserved TcCLB.511751.166 −6.83 1.10E-03
hypothetical protein conserved TcCLB.510289.99 −6.81 1.85E-04
  1. NA: genes with zero counts in the MT stage.