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Table 1 Classification of retrotransposons identified in Paracoccidioides genomes

From: Identification and characterization of expressed retrotransposons in the genome of the Paracoccidioides species complex

Classification Identity of the best hit
Element Class Order Superfamily/clade Organism % Similarity
RtPc1 I (Retrotransposons) LTR Gypsy Aspergillus fumigatus 64.9
RtPc2 I (Retrotransposons) LTR Gypsy Aspergillus nidulans 64.4
RtPc3 I (Retrotransposons) LTR Copia Drosophila bipectinata 68.6
RtPc4 I (Retrotransposons) LTR Copia Coccidioides posadasii 62.6
RtPc5 I (Retrotransposons) LINE I/ Tad-like* Blumeria graminis 63.9
  1. *as mentioned in the Results, element LINE-Tad-like_RtPc5 was identical to the non-LTR retrotransposon of the Tad-CgT family, which was previously identified as element PbNLR1 by Novikova et al. [25].