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Figure 3

From: Lipid metabolism and Type VII secretion systems dominate the genome scale virulence profile of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in human dendritic cells

Figure 3

Violin plots of the ‘fitness’ of mutants ordered by functional groups 7 days after dendritic cell infection. Violin plots describing the distribution of the genes within functional gene groupings ranked by their ‘fitness’ associated p values 7 days after DC infection. Violin plots [139] are similar to box plots, but use a kernel density estimation of the probability density, similar to a smoothed distribution histogram (light grey zone), to better illustrate the overall distribution of the data. The probabilities that mutations of the genes of the functional groups had a decreased intracellular fitness, calculated using the Mann–Whitney U test, are given in brackets. Median values are indicated by the bold black lines, each gene by smaller dark grey lines, the dashed line represents the median rank for all non-essential genes [43] in the data-set.

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