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Table 1 SNPs identified between TIGR4:19F and SpnYL101

From: Identification of pneumococcal colonization determinants in the stringent response pathway facilitated by genomic diversity

Position a TIGR4:19F SpnYL101 CDS Codon b SNP Name c
150259 A C SP_0152 N SP_0152:C380A
626569 C T SP_0655 S SP_0655:C906T
1052463 A G SP_1119 N SP_1119:G652A
1542955 G A SP_1645 N SP_1645:C1019T
1543998 G A - I A1543998G
  1. aPosition corresponds to reference TIGR4 genome sequence (GenBank accession: AE005672).
  2. bIndicator of the effect of the single nucleotide difference: non-synonymous codon change (N), synonymous codon change (S), or change in the inter-gene region (I).
  3. cSNP located in a CDS is named according to the CDS name. After the CDS name, the first letter is the nucleotide sequence in the coding strand of the TIGR4 genome; the number represents the nucleotide location within the CDS; and the second letter represents the alternative nucleotide sequence. SNP located in the inter-gene region is named by a letter (nucleotide sequence in the TIGR4 genome), followed by a number (the SNP position) and another letter (the alternative nucleotide sequence).