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Table 2 Enriched GO terms of genes upregulated in H compared to VMN

From: Neural transcriptome reveals molecular mechanisms for temporal control of vocalization across multiple timescales

GO category GO term Name FDR
Biological process GO:0007154 Cell communication 7.30e-15
GO:0044700 Single organism signaling 1.60e-14
GO:0023052 Signaling 1.60e-14
GO:0019226 Transmission of nerve impulse 6.50e-14
GO:0007267 Cell-cell signaling 3.50e-13
GO:0035637 Multicellular organismal signaling 6.90e-13
GO:0007268 Synaptic transmission 1.20e-12
GO:0044699 Single-organism process 1.20e-11
GO:0044763 Single-organism cellular process 7.10e-11
GO:0050877 Neurological system process 3.60e-10
Molecular function GO:0005515 Protein binding 3.40e-17
GO:0015291 Secondary active transmembrane transporter activity 1.80e-09
GO:0015293 Symporter activity 4.00e-08
GO:0022804 Active transmembrane transporter activity 6.90e-08
GO:0015075 Ion transmembrane transporter activity 2.70e-07
GO:0015294 Solute:cation symporter activity 4.00e-07
GO:0015081 Sodium ion transmembrane transporter activity 1.20e-06
GO:0022857 Transmembrane transporter activity 1.40e-06
GO:0022891 Substrate-specific transmembrane transporter activity 1.70e-06
GO:0008324 Cation transmembrane transporter activity 4.40e-06
Cellular component GO:0031224 Intrinsic to membrane 8.00e-10
GO:0016021 Integral to membrane 5.20e-09
GO:0044425 Membrane part 6.70e-09
GO:0016020 Membrane 2.40e-07
GO:0005886 Plasma membrane 1.70e-06
GO:0030054 Cell junction 8.30e-06
GO:0071944 Cell periphery 1.00e-05
GO:0045202 Synapse 1.60e-04
GO:0097060 Synaptic membrane 3.10e-04
GO:0044456 Synapse part 3.30e-04
  1. Significantly over represented gene ontology (GO) terms found in sequences upregulated in the surrounding hindbrain (H) compared to the VMN. Top 10 GO terms from each GO category (biological process, molecular function, and cellular component) are listed in order of decreasing significance by false discovery rate (FDR).