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Table 3 Summary of the characteristics present in the candidate genes

From: Identification and characterisation of putative seminal fluid proteins from male reproductive tissue EST libraries in tiger beetles

  Contig Cellular location Signal peptide Membrane helix
C. littoralis 13_59 (AcpC01) Extracellular No Yes
31_59 Plasma membrane No Yes
50_59 (AcpC02) Plasma membrane No Yes
95_59 Extracellular No No
129_59 (AcpC03) Extracellular Yes Yes
139_59 Plasma membrane No Yes
161_59 Plasma Membrane No No
171_59 Extracellular No No
173_59 Plasma membrane No No
C. litorea 46_58 Plasma membrane No Yes
70_58 (AcpC04) Extracellular No No
126_58 Plasma membrane No Yes
101_58 Extracellular Yes No
204_58 Extracellular No No