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Table 1 Gene ontology analysis of 62 genes found associated with coping style differences across analysis methods and experiments

From: Characterizing the neurotranscriptomic states in alternative stress coping styles

Gene Ontology  
Category Term ID p-value
BP monocarboxylic acid metabolic process GO:0032787 3.01E-03
BP small molecule biosynthetic process GO:0044283 4.06E-02
BP organic acid biosynthetic process GO:0016053 1.85E-02
BP carboxylic acid biosynthetic process GO:0046394 1.85E-02
BP monocarboxylic acid biosynthetic process GO:0072330 1.11E-02
BP cellular lipid metabolic process GO:0044255 3.95E-03
BP fatty acid metabolic process GO:0006631 5.71E-04
BP very long-chain fatty acid metabolic process GO:0000038 4.98E-02
BP lipid biosynthetic process GO:0008610 4.03E-03
BP fatty acid biosynthetic process GO:0006633 3.86E-03
BP very long-chain fatty acid biosynthetic process GO:0042761 4.98E-02
  1. BP, Biological Process