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Table 3 Changes in abundance of transcripts involved in GA biosynthesis, catabolism and signaling

From: Glyphosate’s impact on vegetative growth in leafy spurge identifies molecular processes and hormone cross-talk associated with increased branching

Category Gene ID Abv. Gene ID log2 FC TAIR ID Component number
GA biosynthesis GA3OX1 GIBBERELLIN 3-OXIDASE 1 −2.73 AT1G15550.1 comp57360_c0
  KO/CYP701A3 ENT-KAURENE OXIDASE 1 1.09 AT5G25900.1 comp77748_c0
  KS ENT-KAURENE SYNTHASE 1.38 AT1G79460.1 comp72406_c0
GA catabolism GA2OX1 GIBBERELLIN 2-OXIDASE 1 −1.38 AT1G78440.1 comp70621_c1
  GA2OX2 GIBBERELLIN 2-OXIDASE 2 2.07 AT1G30040.1 comp72361_c0
  GA2OX4 GIBBERELLIN 2-OXIDASE 4 3.20 AT1G02400.1 comp67827_c0
  GA2OX4 GIBBERELLIN 2-OXIDASE 4 1.33 AT1G02400.1 comp76771_c0
GA mediated GASA6 GA-STIMULATED ARABIDOPSIS 6 3.50 AT1G74670.1 comp69402_c0
signaling GASA9 GA-STIMULATED ARABIDOPSIS 9 2.10 AT1G22690.3 comp64133_c0
  GASA11 GA-STIMULATED ARABIDOPSIS 11 −1.02 AT2G18420.1 comp74978_c0
  SCL14 SCARECROW-LIKE 14 −1.52 AT1G07530.1 comp81394_c0
  SCL28 SCARECROW-LIKE 28 2.11 AT1G63100.1 comp83623_c0
  SCL32 SCARECROW-LIKE 32 1.18 AT3G49950.1 comp65814_c0
  SCR SCARECROW 1.41 AT3G54220.1 comp80927_c1
  SHR SHORT ROOT 1.85 AT4G37650.1 comp70203_c1
  1. Transcript changes after foliar glyphosate treatment (2.24 kg ha−1) compared to controls in aerial tissues derived from crown buds of leafy spurge. The Arabidopsis Information Resource was used to annotate homologs of leafy spurge transcripts (TAIR ID), to obtain gene IDs and abbreviations (Abv.); values represent log2 fold changes (FC)