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Table 2 Purifying selection test

From: Expansion of the HSFY gene family in pig lineages

  Sus scrofa Sus barbatus Sus celebensis Phacochoerus africanus Babyrousa babyrussa Pecari tajacu Tayassu pecari
Sus scrofa 9/27 11/27 16/27 27/27 15/27 18/27 27/27
Sus barbatus    Sig Sig N/S N/S Sig
Sus celebensis     Sig N/S N/S Sig
Phacochoerus africanus      Sig Sig Sig
Babyrousa babyrussa       N/S 2/2
Pecari tajacu        2/2
Tayassu pecari        
  1. Test for purifying selection, summarising the pairwise comparisons detected as significant at the 0.05 level or not significant (N/S). Where multiple sequences were available for a species, the number of significant comparisons are given. Full data are given in Additional file 1: Table S3