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Table 3 Suiform species in this study

From: Expansion of the HSFY gene family in pig lineages

Binomial name

Common name

Sus scrofa

Domestic pig (Duroc)

Sus celebensis

Sulawesi pig

Sus verrucosus

Java warty pig

Sus barbatus

Bornean bearded pig

Potamochoerus larvatus


Potamochoerus porcus

Red river hog

Phacochoerus africanus


Babyrousa babyrussa

Buru babirusa

Tayassu pecari

White-lipped peccary

Pecari tajacu

Collared peccary

  1. Peccaries are members of the family Tayassuidae; all other species are of the family Suidae. For a recent phylogeny of the suids, see Gongora et al [20]. A single animal from each species was studied