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Table 3 General characteristics of the S. leeuwenhoekii genome

From: The Streptomyces leeuwenhoekii genome: de novo sequencing and assembly in single contigs of the chromosome, circular plasmid pSLE1 and linear plasmid pSLE2

Assembled chromosome size

7903895 bp

Estimated chromosome size

8285171 bp

Estimated Terminal Inverted Repeats

388272 bp

Chromosome topology


Chromosome G + C content

73 %

rRNA operons


tRNA genes


pSLE1 circular plasmid

86370 bp

pSLE1 G + C content

69 %

pSLE2 linear plasmid

132226 bp

pSLE2 G + C content

70 %

Putative biosynthetic gene clusters for specialised metabolites

34 (+1 in pSLE2)