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Table 2 Motif analysis of the intergenic regions of conserved divergently oriented TFTRs

From: Global analyses of TetR family transcriptional regulators in mycobacteria indicates conservation across species and diversity in regulated functions

Gene number (name) Motif e-value
Rv2506 (bkaR) 1.20E–27
Rv3357c (kstR2) 4.40E–31
Rv3574 (kstR) 6.90E–36
Rv3855 (ethR) 8.90E–34
Rv0067c 1.10E–29
Rv0078 2.00E–36
Rv0158 5.60E–31
Rv0135c 6.00E–80
Rv0273c 1.20E–43
Rv0275c 9.00E–27
Rv0775 3.00E–34
Rv3055 1.80E–31
Rv3208 1.00E–25
Rv3405c 3.20E–28
Rv3830 6.20E–20
Rv0144 3.00E–16
Rv0452 4.90E–13
Rv0472c 5.60E–16
Rv0653c 1.10E–18
Rv0681 6.00E–17
Rv0691c 4.60E–02
Rv0767c 1.20E–14
Rv0825c 4.20E–14
Rv1019 1.90E–17
Rv1776c 4.00E–16
Rv2250c 2.40E–11
Rv3058c 2.00E–12
Rv3167c 4.20E–16
Rv3173c 3.00E–18
Rv3295 2.30E–16
  1. The motif logo is given along with a significance estimate