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Table 2 Serratia sp. SCBI Genomic Islands and their putative/predicted phenotypes

From: Genome sequence and comparative analysis of a putative entomopathogenic Serratia isolated from Caenorhabditis briggsae

GI# Locus tags Genomic location Putative/Predicted role
GI-1 SCBI_0047-0052 46958..52205 Unknown
GI-2 SCBI_0298-0302 358841..362952 Adhesion
GI-3 SCBI_0465-0482 533080..558686 Unknown
GI-4 SCBI_0809-00817 928240..935735 Symbiosis/Metabolic
GI-5 SCBI_0963-0981 1080968..1096217 Virulence
GI-6 SCBI_1013-1019 1130653..1141194 Virulence, Defense
GI-7 SCBI_1042-1061 1164353..1197133 Virulence, Symbiosis
GI-8 SCBI_1205-1209 1349465..1355183 Defense
GI-9 SCBI_1258-1263 1405041..1410636 Symbiosis
GI-10 SCBI_1467-1478 1614753..1632962 Metabolic
GI-11 SCBI_1483-1498 1639797..1656736 Metabolic
GI-12 SCBI_1540-1547 1701960..1709609 Unknown
GI-13 SCBI_1814-1819 1993067..1996355 Unknown
GI-14 SCBI_1883-1888 2062882..2068451 Defense
GI-15 SCBI_1970-1975 2150551..2156393 Symbiosis
GI-16 SCBI_2176-2180 2367813..2374480 Unknown
GI-17 SCBI_2225-2232 2418731..2436006 Symbiosis
GI-18 SCBI_2295-2300 2513930..2520831 Metabolic
GI-19 SCBI_2738-2794 2980185..3019378 Defense, virulence, Adhesion
GI-20 SCBI_2953-3011 3191699..3264229 Defense, virulence, Adhesion
GI-21 SCBI_3036-3041 3289235..3297687 Metabolic
GI-22 SCBI_3184-3203 3460520..3479027 Adhesion, Defense
GI-23 SCBI_3369-3373 3652152..3658481 Symbiosis
GI-24 SCBI_3376-3380 3662181..3666951 Unknown
GI-25 SCBI_3539-3539 3835598..3842153 Defense
GI-26 SCBI_3778-3794 4112710..4132272 Defense, Symbiosis
GI-27 SCBI_3962-3966 4314901..4319983 Metabolic
GI-28 SCBI_4358-4366 4751221..4757933 Metabolic
GI-29 SCBI_4408-4412 4806030..4811621 Unknown
  1. (see Additional file 2: Table S2 for the full/expanded version)