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Table 5 Haplotype diversity of the Xpr1 gene across five mice

From: Endogenous murine leukemia retroviral variation across wild European and inbred strains of house mouse

  Exon 4    ECL 3.2 ECL 3.3 ECL 4    
Residue no. 103 105 106 500 503 583 590   
amino acid A/G T A/T K/E K/N T/- D/N   
SJL C A G A A A G   
C3H G G A G A - A   
LP/J G G A A T A G   
Mmd1 C A G A T A G   
Mmd2 C A G A T A G   
  1. ECL3 and 4 stand for the third and forth extracellular loop of Xpr1. The residue numbers indicate the positions in the primary sequence of the XPR1 protein, whereas the row below (amino acid) shows which kind of change occurs. The nucleotide changes are also shown below to give an impression on the amount of synonymous and nonsynonymous variation among the five analyzed mice. A dash stands for a missing nucleotide at the respective position relative to all other shown sequences