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Table 1 Example input for PhosphOrtholog

From: PhosphOrtholog: a web-based tool for cross-species mapping of orthologous protein post-translational modifications

Record identifier Site Species code
QNGSNDS(0.001)DRYS(0.999)DNEEDSK P42167_S184 0
RAES(0.996)RT(0.193)S(0.811)VGS(1)QR Q9BR39_S235 0
S(0.002)ES(0.992)RT(0.005)S(0.001)LGSQR Q2PS20_S228 1
QNGSNDS(0.001)DRYS(0.999)DNDEDSKIELK Q62733_S183 1
  1. Users are required to input data in the format suggested in this table. Information for both species must be entered. The first column must be the record identifier and could be any unique identifier. In the example here, the unique identifiers are the peptide sequences for human and rat PTM sites. The second column represents the Uniprot ID of the species, modified residue type in one letter code and modification site position. An underscore sign must separate the Uniprot ID and site information for each species. The third column represents the species code, human: 0, rat: 1, mouse: 2 and fly: 3. If data for only one species is entered, PhosphOrtholog will return an error asking the user to input data in the correct format