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Table 8 List of a small portion of SNP markers and InDel markers discovered by marker mining on scaffold84773 (Genbank accession # AOCW01145302) showing large variation in marker genotypes among 10 sequenced cultivars and identification of candidate diagnostic markers for the R gene PhtjR of Lupinus angustifolius a

From: Application of whole genome re-sequencing data in the development of diagnostic DNA markers tightly linked to a disease-resistance locus for marker-assisted selection in lupin (Lupinus angustifolius)

  1. aThe full lists of the 489 SNP markers and 101InDel markers discovered from sequence alignment on scaffold84773 are markers in Additional file 3. Names of identified markers are consistent with the names labelled numerically in Additional file 3
  2. bMarkers showing R-allele genotypes on cultivars without the R gene PhtjR (false positives) are in highlighted in red
  3. cMarkers showing genotypes consistent with disease resistance phenotypes on all 10 sequenced cultivars are considered as candidate diagnostic markers, and are highlighted in green