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Table 1 Putative synaptic genes with no synapse-related annotation in Drosophila and homologues annotated as synaptic in Homo sapiens

From: Putative synaptic genes defined from a Drosophila whole body developmental transcriptome by a machine learning approach

Annotation symbol Gene symbol Mean prob. Human homologue HGI GO term (in Homo sapiens)
CG7392 Cka 1.00 STRN ENSG00000115808 CC: postsynaptic membrane
CG9634 NA 1.00 MME ENSG00000196549 CC: synaptic vesicle
CG8529 Dyb 0.99 DTNA ENSG00000134769 BP: synaptic transmission
CG7023 Usp12–46 0.99 USP46 ENSG00000109189 BP: regulation of synaptic transmission
CG16973 msn 0.99 MINK1 ENSG00000141503 BP: synaptic transmission
CG6593 Pp1alpha-96A 0.99 PPP1CA ENSG00000172531 CC: dendritic spine
CG15112 ena 0.99 ENAH ENSG00000154380 CC: synapse
CG10545 Gbeta13F 0.99 GNB2 ENSG00000172354 BP: synaptic transmission
CG14991 Fit1 0.99 FERMT1 ENSG00000101311 CC: synapse
CG1651 Ank 0.99 ANK2 ENSG00000145362 CC: postsynaptic membrane
CG32717 sdt 0.99 MPP4 ENSG00000082126 CC: presynaptic membrane
CG5248 loco 0.99 RGS14 ENSG00000169220 BP: long-term synaptic potentiation
CG7147 kuz 0.99 ADAM10 ENSG00000137845 CC: postsynaptic density
CG10566 NA 0.99 ICA1 ENSG00000003147 CC: synaptic vesicle membrane
CG32264 NA 0.99 PHACTR1 ENSG00000112137 CC: synapse
CG13830 NA 0.99 SPOCK2 ENSG00000107742 BP: synapse assembly
CG10637 Nak 0.98 AAK1 ENSG00000115977 CC: terminal bouton (of the axon)
CG3269 Rab2 0.98 RAB14 ENSG00000119396 BP: neurotransmitter secretion
CG10011 NA 0.98 ANK2 ENSG00000145362 CC: postsynaptic membrane
CG8440 Lis-1 0.98 PAFAH1B1 ENSG00000007168 BP: synaptic transmission
CG5650 Pp1-87B 0.98 PPP1CA ENSG00000172531 CC: dendritic spine
CG10579 Eip63E 0.98 CDK16 ENSG00000102225 CC: synaptic vesicle
CG10538 CdGAPr 0.98 ARHGAP32 ENSG00000134909 CC: postsynaptic membrane
CG7535 GluClalpha 0.98 CHRNA5 ENSG00000169684 BP: synaptic transmission
CG8726 NA 0.98 PXK ENSG00000168297 BP: regulation of synaptic transmission
CG30389 NA 0.98 TMEM57 ENSG00000204178 CC: synapse part
CG7546 NA 0.98 BAG6 ENSG00000204463 BP: synaptonemal complex assembly
CG1506 Ac3 0.98 ADCY3 ENSG00000138031 BP: synaptic transmission
CG6214 MRP 0.98 ABCC8 ENSG00000006071 BP: synaptic transmission
CG4574 Plc21C 0.98 PLCB1 ENSG00000182621 BP: synaptic transmission
CG11734 HERC2 0.98 HERC1 ENSG00000103657 MF: neurotrans:Na symporter activity
CG42829 CadN2 0.97 CDH2 ENSG00000170558 CC: synapse
CG6383 crb 0.97 DNER ENSG00000187957 BP: synapse assembly
CG1862 Ephrin 0.97 EFNB1 ENSG00000090776 CC: synapse
CG7100 Cadherin-N 0.97 CDH1 ENSG00000039068 BP: synapse assembly
CG8948 Graf 0.97 OPHN1 ENSG00000079482 BP: synaptic vesicle endocytosis
CG9361 Task7 0.97 KCNK3 ENSG00000171303 BP: synaptic transmission
CG6998 ctp 0.97 DYNLL2 ENSG00000121083 BP: synaptic target recognition
CG18455 Optix 0.97 SIX1 ENSG00000126778 BP: reg. of synaptic growth at nj
CG5912 arr 0.96 LRP6 ENSG00000070018 BP: synaptic transmission CC: synapse
CG8261 Ggamma1 0.96 GNG10 ENSG00000242616 BP: synaptic transmission
CG2849 Rala 0.96 RIT2 ENSG00000152214 BP: synaptic transmission
CG32217 Su(Tpl) 0.96 MARVELD2 ENSG00000152939 MF: neurotrans:Na symporter activity
CG17336 Lcch3 0.96 GABRB1 ENSG00000163288 BP: synaptic transmission
CG15274 GABA-B-R1 0.96 GABBR1 ENSG00000204681 BP: synaptic transmission
CG4244 Su(dx) 0.96 NEDD4 ENSG00000069869 BP: regulation of synapse organization
CG16757 Spn 0.96 PPP1R9A ENSG00000158528 CC: synapse
CG4625 Dhap-at 0.96 GNPAT ENSG00000116906 BP: synapse assembly
CG32434 siz 0.96 IQSEC3 ENSG00000120645 CC: inhibitory synapse
CG9491 Gef26 0.95 RAPGEF2 ENSG00000109756 BP: regulation of synaptic plasticity
CG42314 PMCA 0.95 ATP2B2 ENSG00000157087 BP: regulation of synaptic plasticity
CG7223 htl 0.95 FGFR2 ENSG00000066468 BP: synaptic vesicle transport
CG9375 Ras 85D 0.95 HRAS ENSG00000174775 BP: long-term synaptic plasticity
CG30388 Magi 0.95 MAGI2 ENSG00000187391 CC: synapse
CG11958 Cnx99A 0.95 CANX ENSG00000127022 BP: synaptic vesicle endocytosis
CG9985 sktl 0.94 PIP5K1C ENSG00000186111 BP: synaptic vesicle exo and endocitosis
CG8726 NA 0.94 KCNK18 ENSG00000186795 BP: synaptic transmission
CG7641 Nca 0.94 NCALD ENSG00000104490 BP. synaptic transmission
CG8394 VGAT 0.94 SLC32A1 ENSG00000101438 BP: synaptic transmission
CG3585 Rbcn-3A 0.94 DMXL2 ENSG00000104093 CC: synaptic vesicle
CG7558 Arp3 0.94 ACTR3 ENSG00000115091 CC: excitatory synapse
CG14145 Blos2 0.94 BLOC1S2 ENSG00000196072 BP: synaptic vesicle transport
CG1407 NA 0.94 ZDHHC15 ENSG00000102383 BP: synaptic vesicle maturation
CG31196 14-3-3epsilon 0.94 YWHAE ENSG00000128245 BP: regulation of synaptic plasticity
CG16928 mre11 0.94 MRE11A ENSG00000020922 CC: synapsis
CG8705 pnut 0.92 SEPT5 ENSG00000184702 BP: synaptic vesicle targeting
  1. The table shows the list of Drosophila genes belonging to our final catalogue of putative synaptic genes that don’t have any synapse related GO term annotation but have at least 1 homologue in Homo sapiens already annotated with some synapse related GO term. The first 2 columns show the Annotation Symbol as well as the Symbol of these 66 Drosophila genes. The third column shows the mean between the classification probabilities given by the three learning algorithms to each gene. The following columns show the symbol and gene identifier of the corresponding human homologue (or 1 of them when there are more than 1) that is already annotated with at least 1 synapse related GO term in humans, an annotation that is shown in the last column of the table