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Fig. 3

From: The genomes of three stocks comprising the most widely utilized live sporozoite Theileria parva vaccine exhibit very different degrees and patterns of sequence divergence

Fig. 3

Distribution of variants in the Serengeti-transformed and Kiambu5 isolates relative to the genome of the T. parva Muguga reference isolate. For each of the four T. parva Muguga chromosomes the location of the protein coding genes in shown (purple), with genes encoded in the forward and reverse strands in the top and bottom central tracks, respectively. Genes with non-synonymous differences between Serengeti and Muguga are shown in red. Known antigens are shown in green. Variants were estimated in 2Kb-long, non-overlapping windows; for each of the isolates, the proportion of the window with read coverage (orange; min-max = 0-100 % coverage) is displayed, as is the number of SNPs per window (blue; min-max = 0-32 SNPs/Kb)

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