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Table 1 Species, specimen codes, gender, states and geographical coordinates of the collection of localities in Brazil

From: Mitochondrial genomes and comparative analyses of Culex camposi, Culex coronator, Culex usquatus and Culex usquatissimus (Diptera:Culicidae), members of the coronator group

Species Specimencode Sex State Geographicalcoordinates
Culex coronator RS10_109 Rio Grande do Sul 29°39′35″S 50°13′03″W
Culex usquatissimusAC AC16_101 Acre 9°41′03″S 67°08′05,3″W
Culex usquatissimusRO RO25_19 Rôndonia 10°18″03″S 63°14′09,1″W
Culex usquatus SP29_156 São Paulo 21°37′07″S 50°56′24″W
Culex camposi MS04_38 Mato Grosso do Sul 19°29′59,4″S 55°36′33,8″W