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Table 3 Mathematical function for determining pan-genome of the lineages

From: Development of ListeriaBase and comparative analysis of Listeria monocytogenes

Lineage Formula Pan-genome
I, II, III Y = 585.7852 X0.448 + 2242.6997 Open
I Y = 353.6843 X0.532 + 2453.6727 Open
II Y = 584.9790 X0.3580 + 2245.4068 Open
III Y = −538.9837 X−0.402 + 3364.3139 Closed
  1. Y represents the pan-genome size while X represents the number of sequenced genomes (Pan-genome size = infinite when X → ∞). The negative value of exponent for X as shown in the formula indicates that lineage III has a closed pan-genome, meaning no new gene to be found when a new genome is sequenced