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Table 1 Comparison of agronomic traits between Edamai No. 6 and whs18 (p = 0.05)

From: Characterization and fine mapping of a novel barley Stage Green-Revertible Albino Gene (HvSGRA) by Bulked Segregant Analysis based on SSR assay and Specific Length Amplified Fragment Sequencing

  HD PL(cm) SNP LS(cm) GNS WTG(g)
Edamai No. 6 Mar.21 77.4 6.7 7.1 33.3 43.6
whs18 Mar.29 67.0a 5.3a 6.3a 31.2 38.3a
  1. HD Heading Date, PL Plant Height, SNP Spike Number per Plant, LS Length of the main Spike, GNS Grain Number of the main Spike, WTG Weight of 1000 Grains
  2. aIndicated that there was significant difference between Edamai No.6 and whs18 at the level of 0.05