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Table 3 miRNAs differentially expressed during EMT in MDCK cells: miRNAs selected for validation. Expression levels of miRNAs from miRNA-Seq data that were selected for validation with RT-qPCR. miRNAs are sorted according to their log2 fold change

From: High-throughput mRNA and miRNA profiling of epithelial-mesenchymal transition in MDCK cells

miRNA ID log2 fold change p value
cfa-miR-194 −4.142446835 1.29E-18
hsa-miR-675-3p −4.685451438 7.94E-08
cfa-miR-802 −7.829687531 3.70E-26
cfa-miR-1 10.03297657 7.04E-54
cfa-miR-181b 2.281692113 3.17E-07
cfa-miR-889 6.167513751 4.26E-14