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Table 4 Predicted gene targets for miR-133, miR-1, novel miRNA#2 and miRNA#3: Top five targets are shown in bold; other targets listed are of special interest

From: High-throughput mRNA and miRNA profiling of epithelial-mesenchymal transition in MDCK cells

Targets of miR-133c: Targets of miR-1:
Gene ID Gene name Gene ID Gene name
ENSCAFG00000009617 IFIT1 ENSCAFG00000015835 HNRNPU
ENSCAFG00000014621 MECOM ENSCAFG00000032594 PEX12
ENSCAFG00000008937 KANSL2 ENSCAFG00000004084 C6orf70
ENSCAFG00000017030 RANGRF ENSCAFG00000016719 SFXN1
ENSCAFG00000003692 STOM ENSCAFG00000031727 STC2
ENSCAFG00000001015 ANXA13 ENSCAFG00000014621 MECOM
ENSCAFG00000007357 ACVR1B ENSCAFG00000009612 IFIT2
ENSCAFG00000008409 VEGFC   
ENSCAFG00000011532 EGF   
ENSCAFG00000001403 PODXL   
ENSCAFG00000031946 CLDN2   
ENSCAFG00000030698 IL22RA1   
ENSCAFG00000028524 IL28RA   
ENSCAFG00000017387 PIK3R5   
ENSCAFG00000010602 ELF3   
ENSCAFG00000005213 IL15RA   
ENSCAFG00000015213 STAT3   
ENSCAFG00000014463 PTPN6   
ENSCAFG00000019251 CREBBP   
ENSCAFG00000009612 IFIT2   
Targets of novel miRNA#2: Targets of novel miRNA#3:
Gene ID Gene name Gene ID Gene name
ENSCAFG00000032470 HS2ST1 ENSCAFG00000016094 FARSB
ENSCAFG00000024890 NMT2 ENSCAFG00000024214 USP4
ENSCAFG00000001058 TXNDC15 ENSCAFG00000017895 ZNF396
ENSCAFG00000012913 HDLBP ENSCAFG00000018982 MY05B
ENSCAFG00000015628 SGMS1 ENSCAFG00000008674 RASGRP1
ENSCAFG00000001938 VEGFA ENSCAFG00000014009 CLDN16
ENSCAFG00000001356 PDGFB ENSCAFG00000010407 TJP1
   ENSCAFG00000031946 CLDN2