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Table 1 Number of H. avenae juveniles in wheat roots of both compatible WEN19 and incompatible VP1620 at early 8-day post-inoculations

From: Large-scale identification of wheat genes resistant to cereal cyst nematode Heterodera avenae using comparative transcriptomic analysis

Wheat line 24 h 3 d 8 d
WEN19 63.0 ± 10.3a 62.3 ± 9.3a 65.0 ± 6.4a
VP1620 56.3 ± 8.9a 55.0 ± 4.8a 47.3 ± 5.1b
  1. The H. avenae juveniles within wheat roots were stained with 0.01% acid fuchsin solution, and their number was counted with a microscopy. The data were analyzed by using T-test (P value ≤0.05, n=3). Different letters (a and b) above the numbers denoted significant differences