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Table 1 Sequencing, assembly, and in silico hybridization statistics

From: In silico hybridization enables transcriptomic illumination of the nature and evolution of Myxozoa

Raw reads 409,520,180
Reads after quality control 195,155,200
Assembled contigs 930,419
Contigs after redundancy filtration 575,740
Length min-max 200–16,127
Average length 802
N50 1288
G-C content 33.30 %
Raw reads mapped to contigs 193,101,058 (47.2 %)
In silico pipeline  
Only matched to Myxozoa 232,396
Stronger match to Myxozoa 39,651
Total identified as myxozoan 272,047 (47.3 %)
Only matched to host 15,057
Stronger match to host 85,043
Match to other contamination 335
Total identified as host/contamination 100,435 (17.4 %)
Too close to calla 14,084
No significant match found 189,174
Total without annotation 203,258 (35.3 %)
  1. For in silico pipeline statistics, percentages in parentheses reflect proportion of contigs assigned to that category out of the redundancy-filtered set of contigs
  2. aMatched both myxozoan and host query sets with e-values within two orders of magnitude of one another