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Table 1 The table shows the variant numbers identified by the different methods through the different filtering steps. Note, mean raw calls per mouse is not available for P4 as GATK calls jointly over all mice. Pass QC involves filtering for olfactory genes, known Sanger variants and PASS flag from GATK

From: Genome-wide analysis of chemically induced mutations in mouse in phenotype-driven screens

  P1 P2 P3 P4
Mean raw calls 13,775,275
Mean raw calls 66,493 71,705 74,093 NA
per mouse     
Total raw calls 145,484 131,926 124,788 54,698,903
(for 53 founders)     
Mean filtered 39 44 41 66
SNVs per mouse     
Mean combined 111
filtered SNVs     
Mean agreeing 54
Mean pass QC 21
Total ENU mutation 1281
(for 53 founders)