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Fig. 2

From: DECKO: Single-oligo, dual-CRISPR deletion of genomic elements including long non-coding RNAs

Fig. 2

Targeting promoter regions of genes for knockout. a The structure of the MALAT1 locus showing the major promoter and upstream promoter. The MALAT1 transcript annotations from Gencode version 19 (green) lie on the positive strand. Coloured bars indicate regions targeted by CRISPR deletion in this study. Shown below are ENCODE whole cell polyA+ RNA sequencing read density for three of the cell lines used, showing that the majority of transcription originates at the major promoter. The four primer sets for qRTPCR are shown. b The TFRC gene locus. Coloured bars indicate regions targeted by CRISPR deletion. In black, the amplicon used for qRTPCR

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