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Table 2 Top Leishmania species-specific protein expansions using the species-overlap algorithm

From: The Leishmania metaphylome: a comprehensive survey of Leishmania protein phylogenetic relationships

Species Seed Seed annotation Expansions
L. (Viannia) braziliensis LbrM.34.0020 TATE DNA Transposon 30
L. (Viannia) braziliensis LbrM.08.1140 amastin-like protein 28
L. (Viannia) braziliensis LbrM.10.0520 GP63, leishmanolysin,metallo-peptidase, Clan MA(M), Family M8 25
L. (Leishmania) major LmjF.12.0755 surface antigen protein 2, putative 20
L. (Leishmania) mexicana LmxM.08.0750 amastin-like protein, putative 19
L. (Sauroleishmania) tarentolae LtaPcontig05711-1 Hypothetical protein, unknown function 14
L. (Sauroleishmania) tarentolae LtaP10.0670 Major surface protease gp63, putative;GP63, leishmanolysin 12
L. (Leishmania) major LmjF.34.1720 amastin-like surface protein, putative 12
L. (Leishmania) major LmjF.12.0950 hypothetical protein, conserved 11
L. (Viannia) braziliensis LbrM.30.0450 histone H4 10
L. (Leishmania) mexicana LmxM.08.1080 cathepsin L-like protease, putative 8
L. (Viannia) braziliensis LbrM.19.1530 glycerol uptake protein, putative 7
L. (Viannia) braziliensis LbrM.02.0550 Retrotransposable element SLACS 7
L. (Leishmania) mexicana LmxM.12.0870partial surface antigen protein 2, putative 7
L. (Leishmania) major LmjF.09.0156 ATG8/AUT7/APG8/PAZ2, putative (ATG8C.4) 7
L. (Leishmania) major LmjF.08.1030 cathepsin L-like protease 7
L. (Leishmania) donovani LdBPK_100380.1 folate/biopterin transporter, putative 5
L. (Leishmania) infantum LinJ.10.0520 GP63, leishmanolysin,metallo-peptidase, Clan MA(M), Family M8 (GP63-3) 5
L. (Leishmania) infantum LinJ.36.0010 phosphoglycan beta 1,3 galactosyltransferase 4 (SCG4) 5