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Table 5 The frequencies of occurrence of RNA helicases in single, modular and multi-domain organization in P. falciparum

From: A bioinformatic survey of RNA-binding proteins in Plasmodium

Name of the domain architecture Domain architecture Gene IDs
Helicase PF3D7_0521700, PF3D7_0218400, PF3D7_1307300, PF3D7_1332700, PF3D7_0827000, PF3D7_1251500, PF3D7_0422700, PF3D7_1021500, PF3D7_1445900, PF3D7_0504200, PF3D7_0903400, PF3D7_1031500, PF3D7_1241800, PF3D7_0320800, PF3D7_0807100, PF3D7_0810600, PF3D7_1459000, PF3D7_1468700, PF3D7_0321600, PF3D7_0209800, PF3D7_0508700, PF3D7_0518500, PF3D7_0703500, PF3D7_0405000, PF3D7_1202000, PF3D7_0411400, PF3D7_0103600, PF3D7_1445200
HelicaseC + Suv3 PF3D7_0623700
Helicase + DUF4217 PF3D7_0721300, PF3D7_1419100, PF3D7_1418900, PF3D7_0630900
Helicase + ZnF PF3D7_0527900, PF3D7_0909900, PF3D7_1313400
Helicase + UPF_Zn PF3D7_1005500
Helicase + Sec63 PF3D7_1439100, PF3D7_0422500
Helicase + HA2 + S1 PF3D7_1030100
Helicase + HA2 + OB fold PF3D7_1364300, PF3D7_1231600, PF3D7_0917600, PF3D7_0821300
Helicase + ZnF + DSHCT PF3D7_0909900
Helicase + rRNA proc-arch + DSHCT PF3D7_0602100
Helicase + HA2 PF3D7_0310500, PF3D7_1302700
  1. Blue , pink and green boxes are used to denote transmembrane, low complexity, and coiled-coil regions, respectively