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Table 7 A list of genes and their putative functions involved in ribosome biogenesis in P. falciparum

From: A bioinformatic survey of RNA-binding proteins in Plasmodium

Gene ID Putative function Named in P. falciparum Remarks
PF3D7_0218400 DDX47 (Rrp8p) PfRrp8p *18S rRNA processing, participates in cleavages at A2, and to a lesser extent, A0 and A1 sites
PF3D7_0721300 DDX31 (Dbp7p) PfDbp7p 27S pre-ribosomal rRNA processing (60S ribosomal subunit biogenesis) [123]
PF3D7_1419100 DDX55 (Spb4p) PfSpb4p *5.8S/25S pre-ribosomal rRNA processing (60S ribosomal subunit biogenesis)
PF3D7_1418900 DDX10 (Dbp4p) PfDbp4p 18S rRNA processing
PF3D7_1307300 DDX18 (Dbp6p) PfDbp6p *27S pre-rRNA processing (60S ribosomal subunit biogenesis)
PF3D7_1332700 DDX49 (Rrp3p) PfRrp3p *60S ribosomal subunit assembly-27S pre-rRNA processing
PF3D7_0827000 DBP10 (DBP10) or DDX54 isoform 1 PfDbp10p *5.8S/25S rRNA processing
PF3D7_1251500 DDx27 (Drs1p) PfDrs1p *27S- > 25S rRNA conversion (60S ribosomal subunit biogenesis)
PF3D7_0422700 EIF4A3 (Fal1p) PfFal1p *18S rRNA processing, participates in cleavage at A0, A1 and A2 sites
PF3D7_1021500 DDX52 (Rok1p) PfRok1p *18S rRNA processing, participates in cleavage at A1 and A2 sites
PF3D7_0527900 DDX41 (Mak5p) PfMak5p *60S ribosome subunit assembly
PF3D7_1302700 DHX37 (dhr1p) PfDhr1p *18S rRNA processing, participates in cleavage at A0, A1 and A2 sites
PF3D7_1445900 DDX17 isoform 1 (Dbp2p) PfDbp2p *60S ribosomal subunit biogenesis
PF3D7_0602100 SKIV2L2 or Mtr4p PfMtr4p *5.8S rRNA processing
PF3D7_0630900 Has1p PfHas1p Maturation of 40S and 60S ribosomal subunits
PF3D7_0504400 DDX21 PfDdx21p RNA processing and nucleolar localization
PF3D7_1217200 Mrd1p PfMrd1p Release of base-paired U3 snoRNA within the pre-ribosomal complex [124]
PF3D7_0409800 Rei1p PfRei1p It has functional redundancy with yeast proteins Reh1 in cytoplasmic 60S subunit maturation
PF3D7_1464400 Bud20p PfBud20p Helps in shuttling pre-ribosomal 60S complex to cytoplasm; U1-like Zn-finger-containing protein
PF3D7_1474500 Splicing factor 3a PfSF3a Splicing of rRNA genes
PF3D7_1465900 40S ribosomal protein S3-1 Pf40S s3-1p Multifaceted functional roles; involves in translation, binding to DNA, and regulating transcription of specific set of genes
PF3D7_0208200 KRR1 PfKrr1p Synthesis of 18S rRNA (SSU) processome component
PF3D7_1469300 Pno1p or Dim2p PfDim2p Shuttling of Dim1 rRNA from cytoplasm to nucleolus
PF3D7_1466700 NIP7 homolog PfNip7p 60S ribosome subunit biogenesis protein NIP7 homolog isoform 1; nucleolar pre-rRNA processing
PF3D7_1417500 NAP57 PfNap57p Pseudouridine synthase NAP57 or H/ACA ribonucleoprotein complex subunit 4 (5e-178), H. sapiens
PF3D7_0907600 SUI1 family protein PfeIF Eukaryotic translation initiation factor SUI1 family protein isoform 1 (formerly named as ligetin)
PF3D7_0529500 MCTS1 PfMcts1 May be initiation factor homolog
PF3D7_1450600 SAM dependent methyltrasferase PfSam RNA methylation
PF3D7_0418700 RNA-binding protein NOB1 PfNob1p Biogenesis of 40S rRNA through cleavage of D-site in 20S rRNA
  1. Entries marked with an asterisk (“*”) were retrieved from [122]