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Table 2 Summary of the de novo assembly for U. unicinctus transcriptome

From: Transcriptional response to sulfide in the Echiuran Worm Urechis unicinctus by digital gene expression analysis

Category Count
Total number of raw reads 59,007,614
Total number of clean reads 53,874,422
Total clean nucleotides (nt) 4,848,697,980
Average clean read length (bp) 90
Total number of contigs 115,682
Mean length of contigs (bp) 337
Contig size N50 (bp) 616
Total number of distinct clusters 12,333
Total number of distinct singletons 39,760
Total number of distinct unigenes 52,093
Unigene size N50 (bp) 1131
Sequences with E-value <10−5 26,200