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Table 2 Bayes factor comparisons of hypotheses relating to the position of the Ctenophores

From: Extracting phylogenetic signal and accounting for bias in whole-genome data sets supports the Ctenophora as sister to remaining Metazoa

Hypothesis Marginal Likelihood For Marginal Likelihood Against Log Units Diff/2ln B10 Interpretationa
Monophyly of Porifera and Eumetazoa to the exclusion of Ctenophora −1513039.43 −1513272.74 233.31/10.9 Very Strongly Supported
Monophyly of Ctenophora and Eumetazoa to the exclusion of Porifera −1513039.63 −1513180.01 79.01/8.7 Strongly Rejected
Monophyly of Ctenophora and Cnidaria to the exclusion of all other taxa −1514055.49 −1513062.25 993.24/13.6 Very Strongly Rejected
  1. aInterpretation from [23]