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Table 9 Top 20 of downpregulated contigs in the acaricide resistant P. ulmi PSR-TK strain relative to the susceptible HS strain. See Additional file 17 for a full list of differentially expressed contigs

From: Transcriptome profiling of a spirodiclofen susceptible and resistant strain of the European red mite Panonychus ulmi using strand-specific RNA-seq

Contig IDa log2FC Blast2GO description T. urticae BLASTx-hit (E-value)b T. urticae gene name
Contig_10595 −6,31 nucleolin 2-like tetur04g03300 (9,00E−17) 4Fe-4S ferredoxin, iron-sulpur binding domain
Contig_03877 −6,05 krab-a domain-containing protein tetur03g07110 (7,00E−05) zinc finger protein
Contig_04800 −5,66 chemosensory gustatory receptor family tetur07g05030 (5,00E−25) gustatory receptor family
Contig_06558 −5,29 DNA polymerase tetur21g01960 (6,00E−09) pacifastin
Contig_02213 −4,80 histone-lysine n-methyltransferase setmar-like tetur04g09537 (8,00E−06) transposable element Tc3-related transposase
Contig_04690 −4,55 polyprotein - -
Contig_09905 −4,39 collagen alpha-4 chain tetur38g00240 (9,00E−24) collagen alpha-2
Contig_03088 −4,10 farnesoic acid o methyltransferase-like protein tetur30g00780 (1,00E−14) farnesoic acid O-methyltransferase-like protein
Contig_02422 −4,04 reverse transcriptase maturase tetur21g01960 (3,00E−11) proteinase inhibitor I19, pacifastin
Contig_00445 −3,99 esterase type b tetur20g03250 (0) Carboxylcholinesterases (TuCCE50)
Contig_02182 −3,97 retrovirus-related pol polyprotein from transposon partial tetur09g03700 (1,00E−18) hypothetical cell surface protein
Contig_08551 −3,92 adenylyl cyclase-associated protein tetur14g00690 (1,00E−29) adenylate cyclase-associated CAP
Contig_08025 −3,76 Acetyl - partial tetur21g02170 (1,00E−29) ACCase
Contig_10729 −3,73 hypothetical protein TcasGA2_TC016169 tetur04g02090 (3,00E−17) similar to gag-like protein
Contig_09937 −3,41 expressed sequence ai451617 tetur03g07110 (3,00E−12) zinc finger protein
Contig_04137 −3,40 alpha-galactosidase a tetur02g04310 (1,00E−42) glycoside hydrolase, catalytic core
Contig_08881 −3,21 reverse transcriptase tetur63g00020 (6,00E−18) hypothetical protein
Contig_00197 −3,16 structural polyprotein - -
Contig_11839 −3,07 paired box and transposase domain tetur04g09537 (2,00E−13) transposable element Tc3-related transposase
Contig_00506 −3,04 retrovirus-related pol tetur40g00380 (4,00E−14) hypothetical protein
  1. acontigs indicated in bold have their best BLASTx hit with D. melanogaster biRNA viruses while the contig indicated in italic contains a CCE gene of which the downregulation is the result of spirodiclofen selection
  2. bE-value threshold was set at 1E−5