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Table 3 Enrichment tests for gene ontology categories found within recombination hotspots

From: Genome-wide analysis of Fusarium graminearum field populations reveals hotspots of recombination

GO-ID Molecular function Category P-value Genes within hotspotsa Genes outside hotspotsb Enrichment
GO:0005773 Vacuole C 6.92E-04 10 177 OVER
GO:0009423 Chorismate biosynthetic process P 1.44E-03 2 2 OVER
GO:0016020 Membrane transport C 1.57E-03 44 1804 OVER
GO:0005215 Transporter activity F 1.57E-03 20 602 OVER
GO:0005507 Copper ion binding F 2.57E-03 4 33 OVER
GO:0043231 Intracellular membrane-bounded organelle C 3.11E-03 69 3322 OVER
GO:0016049 Cell growth P 3.12E-03 4 35 OVER
GO:0043227 Membrane-bounded organelle C 3.17E-03 69 3324 OVER
GO:0005774 Vacuolar membrane C 3.44E-03 7 118 OVER
GO:0000324 Fungal-type vacuole C 3.48E-03 8 151 OVER
GO:0000323 Lytic vacuole C 3.48E-03 8 151 OVER
GO:0000322 Storage vacuole C 3.48E-03 8 151 OVER
GO:0072423 Response to DNA damage checkpoint signaling P 3.52E-03 2 4 OVER
GO:0072402 Response to DNA integrity checkpoint signaling P 3.52E-03 2 4 OVER
GO:0046417 Chorismate metabolic process P 3.52E-03 2 4 OVER
GO:0006378 mRNA polyadenylation P 3.55E-03 3 17 OVER
GO:0031224 Intrinsic component of membrane C 3.72E-03 31 1189 OVER
GO:0044765 Single-organism transport P 3.79E-03 33 1294 OVER
GO:0006810 Transport activity P 3.98E-03 36 1456 OVER
GO:0016776 Phosphotransferase activity, phosphate group as acceptor F 4.09E-03 3 18 OVER
GO:0009987 Cellular process P 4.11E-03 92 4827 OVER
GO:0044437 Vacuolar part C 4.27E-03 7 123 OVER
GO:0022804 Active transmembrane transporter activity F 4.35E-03 8 157 OVER
GO:1902578 Single-organism localization P 4.45E-03 34 1360 OVER
GO:0031501 Mannosyltransferase complex C 4.88E-03 2 5 OVER
GO:0051234 Establishment of localization P 5.26E-03 36 1481 OVER
GO:0043631 RNA polyadenylation P 5.32E-03 3 20 OVER
GO:0040007 Growth P 5.99E-03 5 69 OVER
GO:1902626 Assembly of large subunit precursor of preribosome P 6.44E-03 2 6 OVER
  1. aNumber of genes with the corresponding GO function located within recombination hotspots. bNumber of domains found in genes with the corresponding GO function, located outside of recombination hotspots