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Fig. 5

From: Genome-wide mapping of Hif-1α binding sites in zebrafish

Fig. 5

The distribution of Hif-1α binding sites in vhl mutant zebrafish. a: Definitions of genomic regions. TSS: If peak summit is 1Kb up or down-stream of the TSS of the closest gene (−1Kb to +1Kb). Promoter: From -5Kb upstream to upstream limit of the TSS (−1Kb). Inside: Inside the gene, including introns and exons but excluding areas covered by the TSS. Proximal: 5 Kb Up- and down-stream of the limits of the promoter and inside region. Distal: 90Kb up- and down-stream of the proximal regions. Desert: Any region up- or down-stream of the distal regions. b: The proportion of peaks containing HRE’s that fall within a given region for vhl mutants. c: The proportions of the genome that are described by the regions defined in a

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