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Table 5 Summary of classification of genes previously found to be imprinted in human and mice or cattle

From: Extensive variation between tissues in allele specific expression in an outbred mammal

Class ASE MAF >90 % All tissues Human & mouse Cattle
Not Imprinted No No Yes 14 0
Imprinted Yes Yes Yes 2 2
Partially Imprinted Yes No Yes 1 0
Tissue Specifically Imprinted Yes Yes No 3 2
Tissue Specific Partially Imprinted Yes No No 7 0
Total tested     27 4
Total imprinted     13 4
  1. The number of genes classified as either not imprinted, imprinted, partially imprinted, tissue specifically imprinted or tissue specific partially imprinted. ASE defines whether the class of genes showed significant ASE, MAF >90 % defines if the major allele frequency was greater than 90 % and All tissues defines if the ASE result was observed across all tissue the gene was expressed in