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Table 5 Transcription factors and targets with significant overall survival associations in cohort GSE22762

From: Regulatory network reconstruction reveals genes with prognostic value for chronic lymphocytic leukemia

GENE Regulation in poor prognoses P-value GENE Regulation in poor prognoses P-value
NRIP1 Down 1.89E-10 BCL7A Up 9.31E-04
TCF7 Down 1.67E-06 SNED1 Down 1.09E-03
PDE8A Down 7.10E-06 DOK2 Down 1.10E-03
CD247 Down 7.67E-06 ARSD Up 1.14E-03
SORL1 Down 4.27E-05 RASGRP1 Down 1.27E-03
ATOX1 Up 5.07E-05 LHFPL2 Down 1.54E-03
P2RX1 Up 6.37E-05 EGR3 Down 1.65E-03
NME1 Up 8.27E-05 HLADMA Up 1.85E-03
NMB Up 1.12E-04 LRMP Up 1.96E-03
GMDS Up 1.17E-04 DIP2C Up 2.06E-03
IL2RB Down 1.34E-04 TMED3 Up 3.24E-03
AAK1 Down 1.61E-04 MYBL1 Down 3.29E-03
ME2 Up 1.76E-04 PHEX Up 3.81E-03
SERPINF1 Up 3.00E-04 UGT8 Up 4.98E-03
FARP1 Up 3.27E-04 SDC3 Down 5.25E-03
NUCB2 Down 3.58E-04 SFTPB Up 6.06E-03
HOMER2 Up 5.74E-04 PEBP1 Up 6.34E-03
SLC16A6 Down 5.75E-04 LPL Up 6.98E-03
SYNJ2 Down 9.05E-04 LDOC1 Up 7.04E-03
SLAMF1 Down 9.20E-04    
  1. Genes with significant time to treatment associations in cohort GSE39671 are underlined