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Table 1 Lysobacter strains used for comparative genomics

From: Comparative genomics and metabolic profiling of the genus Lysobacter

Label Strain Isolation source with references Genome sequence
    accession number and reference
L. ant ATCC29479 L. antibioticus ATCC29479 soil Central Experimental Farm, Ontario, Canada [1] CP013141; this study
L. ant 76 L. antibioticus 76 bulk soil, Zwaagdijk, The Netherlands [78, 79] CP011129; this study
L. ant 13-6 L. antibioticus 13–6 rhizosphere Chinese cabbage [5] JMTZ00000000; [5]
L. cap 55 L. capsici 55 bulk soil, Zwaagdijk, The Netherlands [79, 80] CP011130; this study
L. cap AZ78 L. capsici AZ78 tobacco rhizosphere [4] JAJA01000000; [4]
L. enz C3 L. enzymogenes C3 Kentucky bluegrass leave, Nebraska [81] CP013140; this study
L. gum 3.2.11 L. gummosus 3.2.11 bulk soil, Pietersbierum, The Netherlands [79, 82] CP011131; this study